Project Description

Office 365 is a subscription service offered by Microsoft that includes both computer and cloud-based productivity software and services. As a Bellevue University student, you will have access to these services, including a university sponsored student email account. This email account will also be the official email address that all electronic university correspondence is sent to after your application is officially submitted. Please feel free to share this email address with your classmates.

Office 365 services available to currently enrolled students: Outlook, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, More…

This benefit is available to you while enrolled in active classes. These applications will be made available to you within seven (7) days of the start date of any class you are enrolled in. Please be aware, you will lose access to the Office 365 Productivity Suite and services 120 days after your final class ends. However, once completing your degree, you will retain access to your student email account indefinitely, as long as the account is actively being used.

Accessing Office 365

In order to login, you will use your full student email address and your BRUIN password. If you do not know your student email address, you may find it in BRUIN under the PROFILE tile. Please refer to the following article for assistance finding your student email address: How do I update my personal contact information in BRUIN?

NOTE: If you are already logged into a personal Microsoft Office 365 account, please log out, then log back in using the instructions below.

Step 1

In your web browser, go to HTTPS://OUTLOOK.OFFICE.COM.

Step 2

In the SIGN IN dialog box, type your full student email address, then click the NEXT button.

Step 3

In the ENTER PASSWORD dialog box, type your BRUIN PASSWORD, then click SIGN IN.

Step 4

The first time you login, you will be presented with an option to save your active session. This means, essentially, that you will stay logged into your account until the point where you choose to log out, or you delete your browser cache and cookies. Select your chosen option on the STAY SIGNED IN dialog box by clicking YES or NO. You may also select an option to prevent being prompted in the future if you choose to NOT stay logged in.

Step 5

You will then be presented with your Outlook Inbox. Other Office 365 services are available by clicking the designated menu:

End of procedure.