A Dedication to Resources and Support from us

Our commitment to education is unmatched. We provide extensive resources for leaners to continue developing skills and offer support for those who need it. Through this website, we supply a carefully curated repository of resources for our partners, faculty, and students.

Learn from expert faculty

You will learn from faculty with practical experience and academic education such as the Dean of the College of Continuing & Professional Education, Dr. Michelle Kempke Eppler. She has held positions at companies across the Midwest, and her professional experience and academic research spans a wide variety of subjects, such as succession planning, management, entrepreneurship, and human capital management.

Overseen by Engaged Leadership

The College of Business contributes to our resources through its expert faculty and leadership like, Dr. Rebecca Murdock. Her career encompasses a wide range of higher education and teaching experiences. She has extensive experience with institutional strategic planning, institutional accreditation, academic program accreditation, and technology integration initiatives.